Do you have students who have difficulty making friends or managing their emotions and impulses: who have extreme reactions to trivial problems, who blurt out in class, or who have trouble getting along with others? These kids are counting on you, and we can help you help them.

Thousands of students have improved these and other social and emotional skills using Zoo U, and your kids will be no different.

You may be skeptical, so we’d like for you to try Zoo U for free before you purchase, but more about that later.

For Students in 2nd – 5th Grade, Zoo U is …

Fun and Engaging

In Zoo U, students attend a fantasy school led by Principal Wild and navigate common social scenarios with the help of a host of friendly animals. This simulated school environment is a safe space for students to acquire and practice skills before trying them in real-world situations.


Based on an in-game assessment and responses during gameplay, Zoo U adapts to the abilities of each student, and instruction begins with the skill area that needs the most improvement. After completing each scene, Principal Wild provides reinforcement, as well as constructive feedback in areas the student hasn’t mastered.

For Educators, Zoo U Offers …

Easy Set Up

Creating student accounts takes just minutes, and since Zoo U is played via a web browser, nothing needs to downloaded or installed. However, to use Zoo U on a tablet or phone, download Puffin Academy from the App Store or Google Play for Android.

Time Efficiency

By having students use Zoo U independently and at their own pace, busy educators can focus classroom instruction on reinforcing positive lessons learned during gameplay.

Individual and Group Data

Educators can track student progress, view and download reports, and examine group data all from a web-based dashboard.

Blended Learning

In addition to the Zoo U game, educators have access to a library of related supplemental activities and worksheets that can be used in the classroom or provided to parents.

Evidence-Based Results

Zoo U was developed with funding from the Department of Education, and multiple research studies demonstrate that Zoo U improves social and emotional skills.


Pricing for Zoo U is a one-time license fee of $7 per student, and for each student, we create a unique account that is permanently assigned to her. To add additional accounts, educators purchase new licenses for $7 each.

Educators: Try Zoo U for free with up to 3 students.

No credit card is required and there is no obligation to purchase. All we ask is that you try the game with at least one student within the first 30 days of signing up.

Required Information