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Zoo U: For Students in Grades 2 – 5

Do you have students who have difficulty making friends or managing their emotions and impulses: who have extreme reactions to trivial problems, who blurt out in class, or who have trouble getting along with others? These kids are counting on you, and we can help you help them with our evidence-based, online game, Zoo U.

Thousands of students have improved their social and emotional skills using Zoo U, and your kids will be no different.

You may be skeptical, so we’d like for you to try Zoo U for free before you purchase, but more about that later.

Within the game, students encounter common social challenges in a simulated school environment. As an example, the scene below depicts a classmate being teased.

Parents: Zoo U is available for use at home.

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Educators: Try Zoo U for FREE with one student.

Additional student licenses are only $7 per student, with no minimum required purchase.

“In eight years as a school counselor, very rarely have I found a program that I feel is worth the time and investment. I piloted Zoo U with the three free licenses, and am very impressed with the data report that targets individual needs. I’m planning to get funds to use Zoo U with more of my students.” – Matthew Tolliver, West Virginia School Counselor

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