Feel Wheel

At some point, we all struggle to put our feelings into words, and it can be even more challenging for kids. When it happens, it can be frustrating and cause a domino effect. Kids may have a poor reaction, have an outburst, or blame someone else simply because they don’t know how to express what they are feeling.

This lesson is a simple daily check in to see how your students are doing and feeling. Using a feel wheel, students can indicate how they are doing at that moment or that day without having to say a word.


Optional: Laminate Feel Wheels after students complete worksheet

Prompt:  “How are you feeling today?  I’m feeling happy because I had my favorite breakfast [pancakes] this morning. Everyone has different feelings and sometimes it’s hard to express how we are feeling and what we may need at that moment.

* Hand out the feel wheel worksheet *

Now, I’d like you to take a few minutes and think: “how am I feeling today?”  Am I feeling sad? Angry about something? Happy? Just blah/OK?

Sometimes checking in with a friend or teacher and letting them know how you’re doing can make all of the difference.  

But sometimes, it’s hard to say how you’re feeling with words.  Today, we’re going to make Feel Wheels to make it easier to tell someone how you are feeling with emojis. 

Start by coloring in your emojis however you’d like.  Once you’re done coloring, cut out your wheel and I’ll pass out clothes pin [or push pins].  Take a minute to think how you’re feeling right now and put the pin on that part of the wheel.”  

* Give students time to work *

Once students complete their wheels, hand out the corresponding worksheet.

Prompt: “Let’s take a few minutes and write about how we are feeling today and draw a picture to represent that feeling. It can be something that made you feel happy today, or maybe made you mad.” 

* Give students time to work *

* Group discussion *

Talk about what we can do with our feelings.  

  • If I’m feeling happy, I can do something nice for a friend or make them laugh with a funny joke.  I can spread that happiness.  
  • If I’m feeling sad, what can I do to maybe make myself feel better?  

(ask students for some examples).  

Download Educator Instructions PDF
Download Feel Wheel Worksheet

Additional Resources

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Book Suggestions: 

The Lonely Little Emoji by Harry Harmon

H is for Happy by Evan Nimke (for younger students)

The Way I Feel by Janan Cain