Starting a conversation

Starting a conversation or approaching a group of people already working or playing together can be intimidating for students of all ages. And as much as students might enjoy joining in, choosing to stay silent or remain alone can seem like the safest alternative.

To help your students gain confidence, this worksheet will help students think about the best way to approach peers in social scenarios in school-based situations. These scenarios include joining a group on the playground or finding a seat in the lunchroom.  

This worksheet should work well for students in either elementary and middle school, and it reinforces social skills students are practicing in similar scenarios in our programs Zoo Academy, Zoo U, SS Grin, and Hall of Heroes.   

Educator Directions:  Prompt students to look at each picture and make a check mark beside the most appropriate response.  Choices can be read aloud or this can be an activity for students to do on their own. For students that are not yet reading, this can be a great group activity.

Download Worksheet