Acts of Kindness for Kids

We know that acts of kindness and small gestures can bring joy to others, and by helping others, we in turn benefit especially in these stressful, uncertain times. In fact, by thinking about and doing things to help others, we can actually reduce our own anxiety.

In this activity, you will help your students understand how kindness benefits everyone! It is made up of two parts:

Part One: This worksheet will help students brainstorm kind words to use when communicating with other people.

PrepPrint this worksheet and share it with your students.

Prompt:  Start a conversation with your students about kind words and why we should use them. Some suggested questions to use include:

  • “Why should we use kind words?”
  • “Has someone ever said something to you that hurt your feelings?”
  • “What could they have said that would have been nicer?”

Ask your students to fill in the thought bubbles with kind words they would like to say to classmates, a teacher, someone at home, etc.

acts of kindness for kids

Part Two: These worksheets will help students translate their ideas into action. The two worksheets are:

Instructions: Print out (or send) the brainstorming worksheet and cut-outs worksheet (above) for your students. And along with the worksheets, you may want to share your thoughts and ideas about what kindness may look like and how being kind to others will make them feel.

You can have your students add the kind words worksheet and brainstorming worksheet to their social emotional learning journal or you can use this lesson as a stand alone activity.

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