All About Me Worksheet: Resource for Elementary Educators and Parents

You may think of an All About Me Worksheet as an activity to kick off the start of a new school year, and this one can as well. However, it’s also a great way for your students to connect with their parents and family members for a stroll down memory lane. And if students complete the worksheet over the summer, they can share it with their teacher in the fall.  

The all about me worksheet is made of of two parts:

  • First, with the help of a family member, students will discover facts about themselves and what makes them who they are.
    • Full name
    • Birthday
    • A baby photo
    • Where I was born
    • Where I have lived
    • Where I have traveled
    • My family
    • Favorite family memories
    • Someone I admire
  • Second, they will paste a favorite photo and write about what is happening and why it is important to them.

Both of these worksheets can be added to the student’s SEL journal.

Please note, if you have students working from home without access to a printer, we have added typable fields to the worksheet (with the exception of locations to paste photos). You can have students save the PDF and send it to you for printing.

To download the two worksheets, just click on the here or on the Download All About Me Printable button below.

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