all about me worksheet

There are all sorts of All About Me worksheets that are meant for students to fill out their favorite color, favorite TV shows, what they do on the weekends, who they like spending time with, etc. In fact, our Buddy Binder worksheets have space for all this information. These type of sheets are great for getting to know some personal information and fun facts about your students, and are also great for students to find friends with common interests.

But what if you have a need for deeper, more introspective information about your students? What’s their biggest goal for the year? What’s something they need their teacher to know about them so that they can be successful in class? What coping strategies work for them when they’re feeling big emotions? And just as importantly, what coping strategies or consequences don’t work well or could escalate a situation.

These All About Me worksheets are meant for an adult to fill out with thoughtful input from the student. They can be used by a parent so that educators who work with their student like a classroom teacher, school counselor, or the special education staff will know more about them. They can also be used by someone like a school counselor so that the classroom teacher and other student support services staff will know what goals they are working on with the student, and what strategies work or don’t work for the student.

Here’s an overview of the sections of the worksheet:

Big Goal for the Year
What’s the main thing your student wants to work on or maintain this year (or what do you want the student to work on? This goal should be measurable. It’s ok if it seems like a little bit of a reach for the student – it should be something to strive for rather than achieve easily.

Examples: Reduce referrals to the office or times removed from class in general from 10 to 3; or Remove self from a triggering situation and use coping strategies before a meltdown 4 out of 5 times.

What kind of things is the student good at socially and emotionally?

  • Initiating conversations with new people
  • Working with a partner one-on-one
  • Seeing a situation from someone else’s perspective
  • Following single step directions
  • Identifying how they are feeling

Growth Opportunities
These are the areas the student needs more work to improve.

  • Calling out in class or being disruptive
  • Maintaining friendships
  • Compromising
  • Cooperating with a group
  • Regulating big emotions like anger or sadness

For the next two categories, think outside the box about you would like the recipients of this worksheet to know about your student. What coping strategies work or don’t work? What potential triggers should they look out for? What specific proactive strategies give your student the best opportunity for success?

Things That Work for Me
This category could include coping strategies that work for the child, like going to get a drink of water or being sent on an errand to get a break. Your student may struggle with transitions, so giving them a 1 minute heads up before a transition may prevent a power struggle. Visiting the counselors office when things look like they are getting especially bad may be a better solution than sending them to a different classroom or the assistant principal’s office.

Things That Don’t Work for Me
This category could include potential triggers or stressors for the student, like being yelled at in front of the class, or being rushed to finish something when they didn’t know the transition was coming up. You could also note that not taking medication in the morning strongly affects their behavior, or not getting a good night’s sleep or good breakfast makes it very hard for them to focus on school work, resulting in acting out.

Anything Else?
Other important information that doesn’t fit in the previous categories can be listed in the “anything else” section. Remember this form is meant to optimize the potential for this student’s success, so if you think some information will help an educator with that goal, include it.

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