All About Me Worksheet (PDF)

All About Me activities are a great way to kick off the school year as students explore self-awareness and share their personalities and experiences with friends and new teachers. Although they are most popular in the Fall when classroom communities form, they can be used year-round as a tool to reflect, celebrate growth, and identify new goals, all hallmarks of practicing growth mindset.

How do I teach All About Me?

It’s important to invite students to share many things about themselves, remembering that what may be an exciting subject for one student to share might be a missing part of another’s story. Welcoming students to tell their story in a variety of ways encourages personal choice in self expression.

For some students, it can even be helpful to bring family on board to curate the memories, which in option one of our resources below offers! However you choose to include an All About Me activity in your plans, be sure to celebrate the range of personalities present in your class, honor similarities and differences as positive traits of diverse friendships, and don’t forget to share your own story with your students—they’ll love getting to know you better!

all about me worksheet

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary and Middle

SEL Skill(s): Communication

Duration: 30 minutes


All About Me Worksheet

This all about me worksheet is a great way to get families engaged! It has two parts, each of which can be added to the student’s SEL journal. For students who are working remotely without a printer, we’ve added typable fields to the worksheet (with the exception of locations to paste photos). You can have students save the PDF and send it to you for printing. Here’s what they’ll do:

  • First, with the help of a family member, students will discover facts about themselves and what makes them who they are.
    • Full name
    • Birthday
    • A baby photo
    • Where I was born
    • Where I have lived
    • Where I have traveled
    • My family
    • Favorite family memories
    • Someone I admire
  • Second, they will paste a favorite photo and write about what is happening and why it is important to them.

While this is a fun way to include families in the learning and broaden the learning community and experience, consider students whose families may be unavailable to complete this activity together. Consider your ability to support them through the task, or consider our second resource below as an alternative.

All About Me: Then and Now

For this activity students will think about the progress they’ve made and consider how they aspire to grow in the future. There are options for when and how to complete it.

  • Start of the school year: In the then column students illustrate or create a collage that represents who they were last school year, and in the now column they should illustrate who they want to be this school year. They can tag each side with words to describe themselves then and now, and older students can add a short answer to the columns explaining what the’ve learned and what they hope to accomplish.
  • Middle or end of the school year: Similar to the activity above, in the then column students consider who they were at the start of the current school year and in the now column they showcase their learning, growth, and any other aha moments.

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