Expressing Feelings Without Blaming Activity

expressing feelings

In this worksheet, students will read the statement of one scarab beetle to his partner. They will then suggest what the scarab beetle say next from multiple choice options. The best response will convey how the beetle felt in that situation, helping him with expressing feelings without putting all of … Read more

Critical Thinking Worksheet: Facts and Assumptions

making assumptions

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary and Middle SEL Skill(s): Communication Duration: 30 minutes Materials: Critical Thinking Worksheet Printable One, Printable Two Critical Thinking Worksheet Instructions Just because someone said something, or a situation appears a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s true. A fact is something you know is true and you … Read more

Body Language Activities using Telephone Game

body language activities

Good communication is important for getting along well with others, but students often have difficulty understanding that their body language and facial expressions can affect how their words are interpreted. These body language activities will help students practice by using a twist on the game of telephone. Students Will: Practice verbal … Read more

Nonverbal Communication Activities for Students in Grades K-8

nonverbal communication activities

Nonverbal communication activities are a great way to enhance critical social and emotional skills, including knowledge of voice inflection, facial expressions, and body language. In this activity, students will practice for a puppet show by reading scripts, and feeling words indicate what emotion should be conveyed while saying the line. Students … Read more

Perspective Taking Activity

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary and Middle School SEL Skill(s): Communication, Empathy Duration: 30 minutes Materials: What Is That Cards Perspective Cards Perspective Taking Activity Instructions Prep: Print out or display on the board the What Is That and What Does This Remind You Of cards. Print one set of Perspective … Read more

Staying on Topic Activity for Elementary School Students

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary and Middle School SEL Skill(s): Communication Duration: 30 minutes Materials: Conversation Keepers Poster Focus Mat and Cards Staying on Topic Lesson Instructions Prompt: Ask students if they’ve ever started talking with someone and before they know it the conversation is about something else completely— or maybe … Read more