Body Language Game: Telephone Game

body language activities

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary SEL Skill(s): Communication Duration: 30 minutes Materials: Communication poster Body Language Game Directions Post-Discussion: Once you’ve played a few rounds of verbal telephone and body language telephone, bring the group back together for a discussion. The main goal of this lesson is for students to recognize that we communicate … Read more

Nonverbal Communication Activities for Students in Grades K-8

nonverbal communication activities

Nonverbal communication activities are a great way to enhance critical social and emotional skills, including knowledge of voice inflection, facial expressions, and body language. In this activity, students will practice for a puppet show by reading scripts, and feeling words indicate what emotion should be conveyed while saying the line. Students … Read more

Perspective Taking Activities

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary and Middle School SEL Skill(s): Communication, Empathy Duration: 30 minutes Materials: What Is That Cards Perspective Cards Perspective Taking Activity Instructions Prep: Print out or display on the board the What Is That and What Does This Remind You Of cards. Print one set of Perspective … Read more

Staying on Topic Activity

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary and Middle School SEL Skill(s): Communication Duration: 30 minutes Materials: Staying on Topic Lesson Instructions Prompt: Ask students if they’ve ever started talking with someone, and before they know it, the conversation is about something else completely— or maybe they’ve even forgotten what they wanted to … Read more