First Day of Middle School: Opening Lockers

Are your students starting to get anxious about the first day of middle school? Most kids are, and this worksheet will give students the opportunity to write down some of the excitement, questions, and worries they have about middle school.

In reading the answers to the questionaire, you may notice a common set of responses:

  • Worried about a new school
  • Worried about making friends
  • Don’t know what it will be like to change classes
  • And the dreaded challenge of opening lockers and combination locks!

You’ll notice that the worksheet features Principal Shields from Hall of Heroes. And if you’re reading this and thinking, “Wait, what’s Hall of Heroes?” Check it out! This game is also a great resource in preparing for the transition to middle school.

The first day of middle school may be anxious about all sorts of reasons, but opening lockers doesn’t need to be one of them. This printable gives students information on how to open a combination lock, and with it, they can cross that anxiety off their list.

Consider bringing in a couple combination locks so students can practice following the steps, or send the sheets home so they can practice with parents.

first day of middle school