This lesson and worksheet will help students brainstorm kind words to use when communicating with other people.

Prep: Print this worksheet

Prompt:  Start a conversation with your students about kind words and why we should use them. Some suggested questions to use include:

  • “Why should we use kind words?”
  • “When was a time that someone said something to you that hurt your feelings?”
  • “What could they have said that would have been nicer?”

Next, hand out the worksheet and ask the students to take some time filling in the thought bubbles with kind words they would like to say to other people.  These can be something nice they think about a classmate, a teacher, someone at home, etc.  For example:  “I think you are really great at drawing.”  We want to prompt students to let those kind words flow and fill up the page!

After, it’s complete, share some of the statements and reiterate how they can go home and continue using kindness with their family and everyone they see.

Bonus activity:  Have students draw a picture of an act of kindness and have them share it with the class. Some examples may be: helping a neighbor shovel snow, holding the door for someone, helping a younger sibling with homework, etc.

Download Worksheet