School Referral Slips: Something’s Bugging Me Printables

These “Something’s Bugging Me” slips can help students share their concerns discreetly, and provide documentation for internal school referral to the counselor,  social worker, or administrator. Students may use these slips to let you know that they are being bullied by classmates, that they are really struggling in math, or that someone won’t stop kicking their chair even though they’ve asked him to stop.

In addition to helping with school referral documentation, the slips will also help you deal with a common classroom complaint: Tattling.

Tattling can be a big issue in elementary classroom, but, all to often, students simply don’t understand the difference between tattling vs telling. Sometimes, students are just trying to get each other in trouble for minor things like humming too loudly, so it can become second nature to brush aside these complaints. But sometimes students need to report more serious incidents, and it can be hard to separate tattling vs telling when something’s really wrong.

Take some of the pressure off by giving your students a structured method to let you know what’s bothering them.

If you need additional tools and resources to support social and emtional skill development at school, please click to see our Teaching Resources page.

school referal slips