starting middle school

Are your students starting to get anxious about starting middle school?

I went to a K-8 Catholic school, so I didn’t have to go through this particular transition. I did, however, move to public high school after 8th grade.

I’d never had a locker before, I’d never visited the building so I was worried about finding my classes, and only a handful of my classmates from St. Mary’s would be moving to the public high school with me. I was equal parts excited and terrified. (Ok, more like 10% excited, 90% terrified.)

This worksheet will give students the opportunity to write down some of the excitement, questions, and worries they have about middle school.

You’ll notice that the worksheet features Principal Shields from Hall of Heroes. And if you’re reading this and thinking, “Wait, what’s Hall of Heroes?” Check it out! (Educators can get a free trial). This game is also a great resource in preparing for the transition to middle school.

Download the Printable