Coping Skills Activity and Worksheet

This lesson is a coping skills activity to help student handle changes whenever they occur, and it is a follow up to Big Changes vs. Small Changes, a great lesson for helping educators and parents understand how students view and handle everyday changes.

Prep: Print this worksheet

Prompt: Review some of the specific changes that students shared from the Big Changes versus Small Changes lesson, and ask students:

“What are some ways that we can deal with changes?” Next, hand out the worksheet. Ask the class if they can figure out what is happening in each picture.

  • Picture #1: Breathing
  • Picture #2: Ask questions about the change
  • Picture #3: Talk to an adult about how you are feeling about the change

Have students write those answers below the pictures as you are reviewing them and prompt them to write down a few of their own ideas on how they can deal with change.  These should be things that make them feel better, safe and OK to deal  with a change: Example include talking to a friend, drawing a picture, writing about it, thinking positively about the change).  

Ask for a few students to share and continue the discussion.

coping skills activity

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