Stop and Think Activity for Kids - Positive and Negative Consequences

As adults, most of us are pretty good at running through pros and cons.

Sure, we all make impulsive choices every now and then – king size Reese’s in the checkout line anyone?

But other choices take a little more reflection. Should I go to the gym this morning? If I don’t go, I’d get to sleep in an extra 45 minutes, but I would miss my workout and regret it.

Which house should I buy? If I buy this house, I’ll be farther from work, but it has a bigger backyard. If I buy that house, I’ll be closer to work, but there’s no hardwood floors and the kitchen needs updating.

(I’m currently looking for my first house, and these decisions are tough, y’all!)

We’ve had a long time to practice the advice to “stop and think,” but our students are brand new to the concept.

FYI, this is another activity that would be great to laminate (or use the plastic page protector trick) so that you don’t need to make a bunch of copies of the first page!