Acts of Kindness for Kids

acts of kindness for kids

Part Two: These worksheets will help students translate their ideas into action. The two worksheets are: A brainstorming worksheet to help them think about acts of kindness and the people they care about A worksheet with cut-outs they can use to create notes to brighten someone’s day Instructions: Print out … Read more

Peer Pressure Activities

peer pressure activities

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary and Middle SEL Skill(s): Communication, Cooperation, Empathy Duration: 30 minutes Materials: PDF Worksheet Instructions: Hand out a worksheet to each of your students Have students read each “Peer Pressure Card and have them write what they would say to the other person in that situation. Additional … Read more

Social Skill Group Activities

social skill group activities

When cooperating, everyone’s strengths need to come together to make a strong team. Everyone has personal strengths and weaknesses. But on a team, individuals can make up for teammates’ weaknesses to lead to success. On this page, you will find free social skill group activities that are appropriate for students … Read more

Emotional Regulation Activities

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary SEL Skill(s): Emotion Regulation, Cooperation Duration: 30 minutes per worksheet Materials: Chart Paper, Markers, and Drawing Materials Partner Game Worksheet Add On Cards Emotional Regulation Activities Instructions Prompt: Ask students to share a time something didn’t go according to plan. Continue with: Can mistakes or unexpected … Read more