Student Strengths Lesson

Directions for Student Strengths Lesson Preparation If you will be using this lesson in person, you should print out a sheet for each student and provide a pen or pencil. There is a black-and-white version of the worksheet if you would like to have students also color in the flower … Read more

Anger Thermometer (Lesson and Printable)

Everyone feels angry from time to time, and it can be an overwhelming emotion. Like other emotions, anger comes in different strengths or degrees – you can be just a little annoyed, or you can be boiling mad. In this lesson, students will fill in an anger thermometer with situations … Read more

A Gratitude Jar for Kids

Gratitude Jar for Kids

Find a Suitable Jar An empty spaghetti sauce, pickle, or salsa jar will work well as will many jars that get tossed into the recycling. And if the jar has a label, which it probably will, soaking the jar in water overnight will make it much easier to remove the … Read more

Classroom Scavenger Hunt

Classroom Scavenger Hunt

This classroom scavenger hunt will help students focus on doing good deeds or random acts of kindness for others. You can choose to give a reward for good deeds completed, or even better, have the reward be feeling good for doing something nice for others!  Examples from the worksheet include: … Read more

Summer Worksheets for Social Emotional Learning

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary and Middle SEL Skill(s): Emotion Regulation Duration: Over the Summer Materials: Chart paper Sticky notes Writing tools Summer Sendoff Printable Summer Worksheets: Instructions for Educators Lesson Prompt: Prompt: Gather students and say, “The year is almost done! You’ve made a lot of learning and growth. What … Read more

Affirmation Cards for Kids

morning affirmations

Self affirmations are a great way to help build self esteem and overcome doubts. Instead of listening to the voice in our head saying “I can’t,” we focus on words that create a positive mindset and the confidence to keep trying.  Helping our students to pay attention to their inner voice … Read more