Following Directions Worksheet and Activities

following directions worksheet

Learning to follow directions is an important skill for all students to master. By the time students start Kindergarten, they should be able to handle simple 2 to 3 step instructions. Still, the school environment is a busy and exciting one, and even older students can benefit from activities that … Read more

Critical Thinking Worksheet: Facts and Assumptions

making assumptions

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary and Middle SEL Skill(s): Communication Duration: 30 minutes Materials: Critical Thinking Worksheet Printable One, Printable Two Critical Thinking Worksheet Instructions Just because someone said something, or a situation appears a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s true. A fact is something you know is true and you … Read more

Action Plan Template: Plan Ahead

action plan template

Having a goal in mind is great, but without planning how you’ll do it, you’re unlikely to achieve your goal. Using this action plan template, can help you break down a goal into actionable steps that are easier to complete and make the goal seem more manageable. How do you … Read more

I Have Who Has Game of Actions and Consequences

i have who has game

Recommended Grade Level: Upper Elementary and Middle SEL Skill(s): Impulse Control Duration: 30 minutes Materials: Actions and Consequences Cards Actions and Consequences Lesson Instructions Here’s how it works: You’ll print and cut out the cards from the printable and shuffle them up. Give each student a least one “I Have” … Read more

Impulse Control Activities: Ready, Set, Go Game

impulse control activities

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary SEL Skill(s): Impulse Control, Communication Duration: 45 minutes Materials: Ground markers, like cones or bases Instructions printable Impulse Control Lesson Directions Explain to your students that having to start over in these impulse control activities is similar to what happens when you interrupt others in conversation. If … Read more