About Tim Huntley

Tim is the CEO of Centervention. He and his wife, Jenny, live in Chapel Hill, NC with their twin boys, Evan and Neil.

Cooperative Learning Activities for Students in Elementary School


Cooperative learning activities are a fantastic way to improve overall social and emotional learning and development, but, many students struggle with speaking up and asking for help. Often, when presented with a situation or question that they’re not sure how to handle, they get quiet and shy instead [...]

Cooperative Learning Activities for Students in Elementary School2020-06-24T11:35:35-04:00

Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer (Durham, NC) Duties: Design, develop and maintain a high-traffic, high-availability, data-heavy web-based application based on rapidly evolving customer and business requirements. Design, architect, and engineer all front-end and back-end components of the application using Laravel PHP and MySQL on the back-end and ReactJS, Redux, and HTML/CSS [...]

Senior Software Engineer2020-06-19T13:29:36-04:00

Classroom Scavenger Hunt


This classroom scavenger hunt will help students focus on doing good deeds or random acts of kindness for others. You can choose to give a reward for good deeds completed, or even better, have the reward be feeling good for doing something nice for others!  Examples from the [...]

Classroom Scavenger Hunt2020-06-10T13:15:26-04:00

Summer Worksheets for Social Emotional Learning


Even though you may be taking a break, your students can have fun and work on social emotional learning at the same time with these summer worksheets. The first worksheet has three sections: A list of six "Activities" that promote social and emotional development A section for their [...]

Summer Worksheets for Social Emotional Learning2020-06-06T18:40:03-04:00

All About Me Worksheet: Resource for Elementary Educators and Parents


You may think of an All About Me Worksheet as an activity to kick off the start of a new school year, and this one can as well. However, it's also a great way for your students to connect with their parents and family members for a stroll [...]

All About Me Worksheet: Resource for Elementary Educators and Parents2020-06-23T08:08:41-04:00

Affirmation Cards for Kids


Self affirmations are a great way to help build self esteem and overcome doubts. Instead of listening to the voice in our head saying "I can't," we focus on words that create a positive mindset and the confidence to keep trying.  Helping our students to pay attention to their [...]

Affirmation Cards for Kids2020-05-30T10:58:01-04:00

Mindfulness Activities for Kids


There are a wide range of mindfulness activities for kids from yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or even blowing bubbles. In this activity, we will help you help your students learn to focus on the present moment by identifying something that helps them calm down. First, print out (or [...]

Mindfulness Activities for Kids2020-06-09T12:48:26-04:00

Acts of Kindness for Kids


We know that acts of kindness and small gestures can bring joy to others, and by helping others, we in turn benefit especially in these stressful, uncertain times. In fact, by thinking about and doing things to help others, we can actually reduce our own anxiety. In this [...]

Acts of Kindness for Kids2020-06-10T09:30:55-04:00

Social Emotional Learning Journal


This is the beginning of our Social Emotional Learning Journal. Journaling is a terrific way to express emotions in a safe way, and many students may journal at school to develop writing skills. But what if we helped them express their feelings in a space that’s their own?    This [...]

Social Emotional Learning Journal2020-06-17T14:45:18-04:00

Vision Board Ideas for Students in Elementary and Middle School


For students around the globe, life may be a bit upside down right now. The structure of their days has changed, where they are learning has changed, and many are working alone for hours each day. It might be difficult for them to envision when things will go [...]

Vision Board Ideas for Students in Elementary and Middle School2020-06-16T10:14:17-04:00