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Tim is the CEO of Centervention. He and his wife, Jenny, live in Chapel Hill, NC with their twin boys, Evan and Neil.

Growth Mindset Quotes to Change Attitudes about Effort Versus Outcome


Having a growth mindset changes your outlook on everyday challenges The idea behind the principle is to focus on the effort, not the outcome. According to Carol Dweck, a renowned psychologist at Stanford University, "They may appreciate endowment, but they admire effort, for no matter what your [...]

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Bullying Quotes to Help you Start a Conversation with Kids


Bullying quotes can be used to spark a conversation Forget what you've learned in the nursery rhyme; words do hurt. It is an unfortunate reality that many students face daily. According to the CDC, Reports of bullying are highest for middle schools (22%) compared to high schools (15%), [...]

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Confidence Quotes for Motivation and Improved Self-Esteem


Confidence quotes and self-esteem We know from research that elevating a child's confidence enables them to make significant gains in their social lives and in their academic careers. And parents and teachers can use confidence quotes as a tool to help boost self-esteem. Yes, near the [...]

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Self-Care Quotes for Educators


Did you know that 50% of new teachers leave within the first five years? That was the unfortunate finding from a recent study by the Alliance for Excellent Education. They said, "Teachers leave their profession for a variety of reasons, including inadequate administrative support, isolated working conditions, [...]

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Impulsive Behavior in Children


Q: My daughter is so impulsive. She’s constantly getting into trouble for things like grabbing toys away from friends at school or during playdates and interrupting her older sister even after we’ve told her to leave her alone. When she gets angry, her emotions quickly ramp up and [...]

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