72 Free Social Emotional Learning Activities

Welcome to our Social Emotional Learning Activities page. Below you will find free resources – lessons, activities, and printables – in the following skill areas: Communication, Cooperation, Emotion Regulation, Empathy, Impulse Control, and Social Initiation.

These resources are age-appropriate for elementary and middle school students and are typically used in a classroom or a small group setting. And in most cases, if materials are required for the activity, they are items that you already have in your classroom or office.

As you will see below, many of the activities and lesson plans include characters from our game-based, social emotional learning curriculum. And if you are using or plan to use the online games, these activities will reinforce the learning that occurs during gameplay. We add new lessons on a regular basis, so make sure to check back frequently.

Note: You may reproduce or reuse these lessons with students via other platforms like Google Classroom as needed. And if appropriate, we would appreciate you sharing this page on your school website so other educators may also benefit.

coping strategies for anxiety

Coping Strategies for Anxiety, Worry, and Fear

There are a lot of heavy things happening in our world today that cause students to feel worried, fearful, and ...
goal setting activities for students

Goal Setting Activities for Students

As adults, we encourage students to dream big, but many times, students don’t understand how to set goals and make ...
hurtful words lesson

Hurtful Words Lesson for Young Students

Words hurt. I’m sure you have said this to your students many times when dealing with bullying situations or talking ...
feelings wheel

Feelings Wheel Worksheet to Help Students Explore Emotions

This lesson is a simple daily check using a feelings wheel to helps students indicate how they are doing at ...
staying focused

Stay Focused Worksheet for Students in Elementary School

It can be challenging for young learners to stay focused, especially when they are anticipating an exciting event. In this ...
dealing with disappointment

Dealing with Disappointment Lesson and Printable

Disappointment can happen for a variety of reasons, and most of us experience some sort of misfortune quite often. As ...
anxiety worksheets

Anxiety Worksheets for Kids

We're sure you're seeing a lot of students dealing with feelings of anxiousness and worry, and it may be difficult ...
positive self talk

Practicing Positive Self Talk Worksheet

The lesson and positive self talk worksheet below will help your students identify examples of positive self-talk and help them ...
coping skills activity

Coping Skills Activity and Worksheet

This lesson is a coping skills activity to help student handle changes whenever they occur, and it is a follow ...
big changes

Big Changes versus Small Changes Activity

In this activity, your students will identify recent changes they have experienced and label them as big changes or small ...
following directions worksheet

Following Directions Worksheet and Activities

Learning to follow directions is an important skill for all students to master. By the time students start Kindergarten, they ...
Socially Appropriate Behavior Worksheet for Elementary School Students

Socially Appropriate Behavior Worksheet for Elementary School Students

Why Students Struggle With Impulse Control Kids may struggle with impulse control or self control for two different reasons: a ...
holiday printables

Holiday Printables for Social and Emotional Learning

When a holiday is coming up, both teachers and students are looking forward to some needed time off and are ...
i statements

I Statements Worksheet

Communicating how we feel can be a challenge for kids and adults, especially when we're frustrated. It's easy to blame ...
expressing feelings

Expressing Feelings Without Blaming Activity

This communication activity shows students examples of expressing feelings in an argument without blaming the other person. There can be ...
impulse control printable

Impulse Control Printable: Melt or Freeze

Impulse Control, or self-control, is the ability to control your behaviors and feelings. This impulse control printable asks students to ...
Game Guides: Informational Posters for Zoo U, SS GRIN, and Hall of Heroes

Game Guides: Informational Posters for Zoo U, SS GRIN, and Hall of Heroes

These are informative posters for three of our most popular programs: Zoo U, SS GRIN, and Hall of Heroes. In ...
making assumptions

Facts and Assumptions Activity

Making assumptions is an easy way to fill in missing information, and it’s so easy that sometimes our mind does ...

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