Social Skills Resources For Parents

According to research funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, social and emotional competence is one of the most important predictors of success in life. If you need a primer on social and emotional skills, the four articles below will help you get started.

social skills

Introduction: Social and Emotional Learning

An overview of communication, cooperation, emotion regulation, empathy, impulse control, and social initiation.

Why Social And Emotional Skills Are Important

A few key statistics to show you why social and emotional learning is crucial for success.

Developmental Milestones

Developmental milestones for social and emotional learning by age.

social skills

How Parents Can Help

5 strategies to help you engage with your child to improve social and emotional learning.

If you believe raising well-adjusted, resilient kids is harder than ever, you’re not alone! And your belief is supported by research.

According to a study by Jean Twenge at San Diego State University, “... more and more young people experience poor mental health and psychopathology, possibly due to an increased focus on money, appearance, and status rather than on community and close relationships.

And while this has been the trend for over 50 years, it seems to be accelerating.  To help parents like you, we’ve partnered with leading youth mental health researchers, educators, and authors to provide practical approaches for dealing with modern problems.

Expert Tips and Advice

Interested in a fun, engaging way to help your child improve social and emotional skills? 

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